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We install and repair most makes and models of Heating Equipment: American or European oil burners, American and European hydronic boilers, steam boilers – oil, warm air furnaces, outdoor remote sensors, towel warmers, hydro air units, low profile baseboard modine heaters, high output baseboard, boiler cleanings and tunings, no heat and hot water calls, indirect hot water storage tanks, oil tanks, gas piping, power venters, frozen pipes unthawed, anti-freeze heating systems and tankless coil repairs.

42 Step Boiler, Hydronic or Steam & Warm Air Furnace & Oil Fired Hot Water Cleaning & Tunings


    1. Turn T-Stat up, check operation of boiler
    2. Shut boiler off
    3. Shut oil tank valve off
    4. Check level in oil tank
    5. Change oil filter
    6. Close FOV at burner
    7. Open oil tank valve
    8. Remove strainer
    9. Open burner FOV, allow all oil to flow until it is clean
    10. Put strainer back on
    11. Remove nozzle assembly
    12. Check boiler stamp plate for maximum allowed gallons
    13. Change appropriate nozzle
    14. Clean retention ring
    15. Look down blass tube for carbon deposits
    16. Put nozzle assembly back together with only retention nut
    17. Direct high pressure line into bucket
    18. Open up oil burner valve
    19. Open up 3/8 bleeder
    20. Run unit to bleed oil until safety lock out
    21. Close 3/8 bleeder
    22. Press reset
    23. Run oil through high pressure oil line until second safety lock out
    24. Test transformer with tester
    25. Wipe cad cell eye clean
    26. Run unit and test ohms with ohm meter
    27. Shut switch off
    28. Remove oil from basement
    29. Remove panel for brushing down boiler
    30. Inspect chamber for cracks or deterioration
    31. Put panel back on boiler & seal if necessary
    32. Remove smoke pipe
    33. Inspect chimney opening
    34. Brush smoke pipe down
    35. Put smoke pipe back together
    36. Run system by starting and stopping several times
    37. Let system come up to temperature
    38. Final check for any oil leaks
    39. Wipe unit down with Simple Green
    40. Place sticker on unit
    41. Make out Pass/Fail check list
    42. Efficiency Testing

ASI proudly provides heating services in all of Southeastern CT: Waterford, New London, Groton, Mystic, Stonington, North Stonington, Ledyard, Montville, East Lyme, Niantic, Old Lyme CT and all surrounding towns.

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